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Retreat Venue

Set on a peacefully secluded Macadamia Nut Farm in the picturesque mountains of Mpumalanga, just 4 hours from Johannesburg , the retreat space offers the gift of nourishing time away from life to rest, restore and recover in nature.

The treadmill of life keeps us running faster and faster, doing more and more as we keep giving endlessly and selflessly of ourselves, until there is nothing left and we burned out and depleted.

 To retreat, is a gift to ourselves, of quality time, time to re- treat… rest, replenish and reconnect the body mind and soul. It is a time to clean out, restore and refill our cups, until they are overflowing again, so that we can go back into the world full, healthy and alive.

When we give permission to remove ourselves from the distractions and noise of doing, and simply allow ourselves the luxury to BE, the peace and serenity of nature soothes and restores, and we hear again the song of our inner voice. We awaken and come alive in the juices of our own flow and we have the strength again to dance with life. Mpumalanga is known as the Place of the Rising Sun, it holds the magic of New Beginnings and Rebirth

The fast paced treadmill of life completely consumes
It tricks into a trap that we cannot seem to escape
The pressure builds to a point of explosion
Our hidden sensitivity cannot bear the pressure
We begin to crack
exhaustion shows up the farce and futility of it all
just before we break
thankfully, truthfully
perhaps desperately,
we hear the call
to STOP,
we retreat.

We Rest.
Recalibrate, restore, renew and remember
Filling the emptiness of our barren cup.
With the New
Nourished, saturated and overflowing we return
Strong and centred